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Step 1 of 4 Rental Information

The undersigned hereby makes an application to rent the property described below:
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Current Address
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Credit History
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Moved-In Date
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You do not have to reveal alimony, child support, or spouse's income unless you want it to be considered in this application.
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Step 3 of 4 Dependents and Pets

Date of Birth
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List all pets, including breed.
Please provide any additional information that might help the property owner / manager evaluate this application.
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Step 4 of 4 Terms & Conditions

This application is taken subject to confirmation and shall be confirmed by telephone as soon as possible. Once approved, the security deposit must be paid (in full) by money order or certified cheque. The amount of the first month's rent must be paid (in full) by either money order or certified cheque prior to the unit inspection report being completed and the keys being issued. The landlord or his agent shall not be liable for any loss or damage on account of inability to deliver possession of the premises. Credit checks will also be verified with a credit bureau and information will be exchanged with a credit bureau.

I acknowledge this application is submitted online and I authorize and consent to you obtaining, collecting, disclosing or exchanging any credit, personal or financial information obtained for me or about me at any time from to or with any landlord, property manager, credit bureau, financial institution or credit grantor for purposes of determining creditworthiness and level of responsibility as a tenant. I further authorize and consent to any landlord, property manager, credit bureau of information obtained for me or about me at any time to release and disclose such information to you for such purposes.

1. NO pets of any kind, unless agreed by landlord and agreed BEFORE possession.
2. ONLY the original renters to occupy premises, new tenants must apply and be accepted BEFORE occupancy of premises.
3. ALL rules in the Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease) will be ENFORCED upon occupancy of premises.
4. Rent is payable in advance of the first day of each month.

I AUTHORIZE investigation of all statements in this application and I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the answers given by me are true and correct. In the event of any information supplied by me is determined to be false I acknowledge that this will serve as grounds for immediate eviction.
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